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I've been involved with several different types of conjurers and magicians. Each individual works a little differently, and each method or genre of conjuring has its own set of rules. Ceremonial mages are different from witches or are different from rootworkers. I have been trained in these three systems and also in Druidry, and I have studied other systems as well. I hope I will be able to explain my process clearly for you. I have done this so long that I find I work on a highly intuitive level, with only a little ritual mechanics. That can make it hard to explain, I think.
1. When you purchase a conjure with us, you can include some details in the NOTES box at check out. Your name, birthdate, and any specifics about the type of spirit or sort of relationship you want are very helpful. (If you have a preferred vessel type, you can choose it from the drop down menu or note it here, as well. We will do our best to accommodate your vessel needs, according to what we have available.)

2. We'll contact you to clarify anything we need to know. We want you to be satisfied with your spirit relationship, and communication is key.

3. When we have the needed details, we will do the conjuration work to bring the spirit you desire into your life, connecting him/her with the vessel. Depending on your needs, we may take up to 7 days in order to find the right planetary hour and day for your spirit's conjuration.

4. We will contact you immediately (via Etsy convo) with the details of your spirit companion -- name, type of spirit, appearance (although this is often changeable, as nearly all spirits are willing to assume a shape you find pleasing), and any other details that are conveyed to us. This is a good time to ask any questions that have come up for you since your order was placed.

5. We will ship your vessel, a printed report of the information in step 4, and two free booklets via USPS Priority Mail.

After that, if you have more questions or need further instruction, we are happy to connect with you via a SKYPE consultation (see our listing).


Each spirit will be delivered to you within a traditional vessel. It may be a ring, pendant, bracelet, bead, stone, crystal, jar, bottle or other container. You can offer the spirit any vessel that you choose after you have received it from us. (Indeed, you can offer it any vessel you choose, as soon as we've introduced you.)

Unlike other shops who have "bound" the spirit to a vessel (or claim to have done so), we acknowledge that even though a spirit may be bound to you (through ties of love, commitment, and choice), no spirit can truly be confined to a physical object. (I know this is a popular conception of how spirit keeping happens, but this isn't how "spirit" works. Your own spirit isn't forced to stay within your body -- as we know from lucid dreaming, astral travel, and spirit flight. The same is true for your spirit companions.)

It's perhaps inaccurate to say that the spirits aren't "bound." Different conjurers use this terms a little differently. What we mean is that they are not held in place. They are not forced. They are not imprisoned. Some conjurers use the term "bound" to mean those things. Others, like me, use the term "bound" simply to mean linked. The vessel is offered as a house, a dwelling, a physical place. The keeper and spirit develop a bond, a link, a relationship. They work together as friends, companions, teachers, lovers, partners, etc. The understanding is made first in my communication with the spirit when I prepare for the conjure. I only "call" for spirits who are willing and interested in working with a keeper as s/he needs. I am very clear in that call, and I am very firm in my willingness and ability to banish any spirit who comes with less-than-cooperative intentions. It's based on energetic compatibility and also contractual agreement. I tell the spirit what is needed, and they tell me what they need in return.


Over time a person's energy can shift and change. We see this with human-to-human relationships very clearly. And sometimes that means that a spirit is only in your life for a period of months or years, while you work through something together. Other spirits, like certain friends and lovers, are in it for the long haul. You can change, they can change, and you still love and enjoy and need each other. I would advise my clients not to be rigid in their relationships with spirits (or with humans). Holding on tightly to a relationship whose time has ended can only cause heartache for everyone involved. But at the same time, don't assume all spirit relationships are transient and temporary. Certain types of spirits will be with you until you die, whether you acknowledge them or not.

So, how do I ensure the spirits will be a right fit for the person he/she is going to?

I ask. I listen. I watch. I feel. I hear. I ask my own spirit companions to advise me. This is perhaps one of the more intuitive aspects of this work, and I apologize if my answer is unsatisfying or unclear.

I find, very often, that when a client comes to me asking for a certain type of conjure, the spirit they are requesting is already quite close at hand. That spirit has often been talking to them for weeks, months, sometimes years. "Hey! I'm here. I can help. Notice me." My work isn't usually so much about going into the astral planes and searching for the best match, but about bringing the spirit into the keeper's awareness. Of course, sometimes I am playing matchmaker, comparing lists of energetic and astrological compatibilities. =)

We are very gifted and powerful spirit-conjurers, -communicators, -and keepers. These skills are obviously useful in terms of bringing the right spirits into your life. But they are also helpful for PSYCHIC READINGS, teaching, and magical life coaching.

Gemma is our spokesperson and sorceress. She is nearly 40 years old and has spent over half her life studying and practicing Witchcraft and the occult.

Gemma works with several spirits to do the work that is listed in this shop -- including a Solomonic demon (who prefers not to have her name shared publicly), a Marid Djinn named Lef'rah, the Father of Witchcraft, the Queen of Heaven, a lorelei-siren, and assorted other spirits.

Even though Gemma does the typing and talking, one or more spirits are usually speaking with/through her. Hence, the "we."

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