Our Philosophy

Spirits are sentient beings with individual Wills, desires, abilities, and "lives." We mortals (if indeed we ARE mortal) are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are astral and eternal beings who have chosen to incarnate as physical beings. The spirits we draw into our lives are not unlike us, except that they have chosen (or can't for some reason) take an incarnate form.

We don't believe that spirit torture or spirit slavery are ethical practices, and we are dismayed at the number of spirits being conjured and kept in unethical ways by otherwise good and ethical people. We are here to show another way. (And we are willing to teach you, if you want to learn to do this for yourself.)

There are hundreds of SPIRITS WHO ACTIVELY DESIRE TO WORK WITH YOU!! We know how to bring you into a close bond with these spirits without sacrificing your integrity, or theirs. We never force a spirit to serve a keeper, as we have seen done in many magical traditions.

We can literally conjure any type of spirit you desire, and we can bring you into a deep, intense personal relationship with those spirits.

 It is my hope to diminsh fear on behalf of those new or unsure about spirit conjuring and keeping. I have seen a great many people who are tentative in their efforts and pay truly outrageous amounts of money to sorcerers who promote a message of fear (ie "you are not strong enough to keep this spirit" or "only I can do this work for you" and even "you will be unhappy/unsafe/unstable without this spell or charm or spirit"). A very subversive message, truly. I want people to know that they have the ability themselves, with study and fortitude, to be a conjurer themselves.

Sadly, I  see a lot of spirit enslavement within the conjure community, within the sales copy promoted by many other shops. Certainly, this is not true of ALL shops. But my dismay at seeing encouragement of keeping unwilling spirits in a collection, spirits that require a binding (in the sense of chains) -- as opposed to a bond of of love, friendship, or employment. This is actually what compelled me to open my Etsy shop.

I've been doing this work for a very long time, and I am an adept in both Traditional Witchcraft and Ceremonial Magick. I have studied the medieval grimoires, and I have talked with sorcerers of many different lineages. The spirit slavery and torture that I am railing against is present and common, even today -- and it stems from medieval magical practices. A magician stood inside a circle and conjured a spirit within the triangle. He conjured whatever spirit he wanted, regardless of that spirit's willingness to participate in the magical operation. The magician then gave the spirit a task. If the spirit was unwilling, the magician threatened the spirit, growing increasingly more violent until eventually the magician was holding the spirit's sigil over fire to torture that spirit into compliance. I find it gruesome. Sadly, I also still find it very, very common. You'd be truly shocked, I think, to know how many good people see no problem with essentially ensnaring a passing spirit and coercing them into cooperation.

And certainly, I don't mean to cause anyone additional fear or worry. It is my intention to shed light on a practice I personally find abhorrent -- and prevalent. Furthermore, I wish to declare Ethical Sorcery and myself as separate from those practices, an ethical alternative to what I see as an unethical (and very common) modus operandi.

All magick works on the premise of energy exchange. You cannot take without giving. You cannot give without receiving.

In a more primitive society, a client would give a sorcerer payment in the form of food, shelter, clothing, goods, or work. You and I will only ever know each other from a great distance, though, so we need another method of exchanging energy.

I feel a little tired from doing much psychic work with no energy exchange. Sometimes a client will ask dozens of questions before making a purchase. I do my best to accommodate some questions. I want you to be assured that I am communicating with spirits on your behalf -- that I can do what I claim. At some point, though, I have to insist on payment in order to continue. Money is energy. It provides food, clothing, and shelter for me and my family. It replenishes the energy that I've used to do psychic work on your behalf.

I will gladly answer any practical questions -- about process, purpose, etc. I will also do my best to convey an appropriate level of information about the spirit in order to assure us both that the match is good. Beyond that, I can't do psychic and energetic work without an appropriate exchange.

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