Monday, May 18, 2015

Working for the Magic

Like many conjurers, I have been asked to perform alignments and attunements for many clients who want to gain more power or ability in one area or another. When I do this work, I like to counsel my clients on the piece of the puzzle that is in their hands. Not every sorcerer will tell you this, but I want to give you the tools to be successful with your goals. (These principles apply to every aspect of magic, including spirit conjuring and other types of spells, too.)

The big secret of sorcery is that in order for the power to truly be yours, you have to work for it yourself. I know how unpopular an idea that is. Magic is supposed to be easy, right? It's supposed to be instantaneous. Isn't it?

Honestly, if you look at all the legends and tales of sorcery from all over the world, one of the most common threads is the idea that the person who does the work (stirs the cauldron for a year, risks his life to enter the magical cave,  learns the secret languages, studies, practices) is the person who receives the power. So what is happening when you pay a conjurer to increase your power or bring you into alignment with an energy or ability? The conjurer is increasing their own power and sending a portion of energy to you. It may be a big portion, but it just sits there for you. YOU haven't learned how to pick it up, to wear it, to use it. The conjurer has.

Why don't other sorcerers tell you this? Why do they offer increasing abilities for increasing costs without mentioning the work the client needs to do? There are two reasons. The first is obvious (and cynical). Clients are less likely to pay for a service that they still have to work for. The second is deeper, though. The client who does the work becomes a Mage and no longer *needs* the conjurer.

So why am I telling you this? Don't I risk losing clients, too?

Yeah, I do. That's okay, though. I can't bring myself to lie to my clients to make more money. I am disturbed by the number of magicians who are willing to do so. I opened my practice to a wider clientele because I wanted to make an impact and educate people. Maybe I will turn people off because I don't offer easy solutions to difficult problems. At least I will have taught those who want to learn to make real change in their lives.

Most clients don't WANT to do the work themselves, and that's okay, too, in many ways. The sacrifice that you make for having someone else do it for you is that you don't have as much power and skill as someone who has trained themselves. If you're okay with that, I'm okay with that. I make my living by helping people who don't want to spend their lives becoming Mages. It takes dedication, practice, discipline. All of that is work. It is do-able work, but still work.

So what can a sorcerer-for-hire REALLY do for a client? We can conjure spirits for you and help you communicate with them by telling you what the spirit wants from you. If we can't put you in direct communication, we can often act as mediums for you by sharing their messages through psychic readings. We can generate large amounts of power to send your way for help with a specific problem or need. We can can build energetic constructs and portals for you that will give power of different types a place to work near you. All of these things are more efficient and effective if the client knows how to handle them, of course.  But they are all still very real, even if you don't.

What CAN'T we really do? We can't force people to act against their own Will, and we can't do all the work for you.

So, why do some people report amazing contact with spirits or spells that have been conjured for them? They didn't "work" for it. Why do they get that benefit, but others don't? We all have talents. We come with inherent abilities. Some rare people can just pick up an instrument and play it without lessons or study. Some are naturally athletic and have great coordination. We can all play an instrument or a game, but some of us have to practice more than others to be able to make a simple melody or score a goal. It's the same with magic and psychic work. I'm lucky. I was born with natural talent for magic. And then I studied and practiced. I still do. My coven and the magical order to which I belong are always giving me a place to practice and to learn. Likewise, some of my clients are naturally talented. Many are. Others need more practice and training.

To this end, I consider myself a "magical life coach." (It's cheesy sounding, I know. It's also accurate.) If you want to learn, if you want to take the steps to improve your skills, increase your power, and change your life, I'm here for you.

If you want me to do the work for you (that can be done), I will. I can do the work, and then you can get the benefit that is available to you based on your natural abilities. Those benefits are often quite impressive. I'm good at what I do.

If you want me to do all the work for you, and then be frustrated because you can't levitate, see your spirit companions in a physical form, make a specific person desire you, etc .... Well, what can I say? You will likely be disappointed with all sorcery done for you. The difference between me and the people offering you such claims is that I'm being honest from the start. (Don't believe me? Pay the hundreds or thousands of dollars they are asking for and see how it goes.) I won't lie to make a sale.

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