Monday, May 11, 2015

Connecting with Your Spirits

I've had a few clients come to me concerned that they will have trouble making contact with their spirits. They want to really FEEL them, and they have been disappointed in the past. Did the other conjurers send them empty vessels? Do their spirits not like them? Is there something wrong with them as a keeper?

Let's start with the assumption that the conjurers of the world are doing legitimate business and are sending vessels linked to actual spirits. (I can make this assumption because I have a good understanding of "egregores" -- a topic we will explore in some depth here on this blog. A spirit can be created based on the belief of the conjurer and/or the keeper. So, even if the conjurer just made up a name and a description, the spirit DOES exist NOW.)

I also want to start with an assumption of ethical practice on the parts of my fellow conjurers because I want those same assumptions made for me and my shop. I know that I am calling on actual, real, willing spirits for my clients. But I also understand that I have very little way of proving that in any material or physical way. It takes experience and an encounter to move beyond faith.

Also, I doubt your spirits dislike you. They chose you. Even if you think the choosing was all one-sided, all your own doing, the spirit had a hand in it. They drew your attention. If I did the conjure for you, I absolutely know that the spirit wants to be with you, wants to have a relationship with you, and is trying to communicate.

Finally, let me reassure you that there is nothing wrong with you as a keeper. You might have some blocks in place. You might have some trust issues. You might have expectations that are inhibiting your experience. All of these are manageable. Overcoming these things is often part of the spiritual journey.

Let's look at these three very basic (and common) trouble-spots to see what can be done to make communication easier with your spirits. (If you're having trouble sensing your spirits, trust that working on these three areas will make a BIG improvement in your connection.)

Spiritual Blocks and Thick Shields

There's no shame in having spiritual blockages. We all have them. Trauma and pain from our past are the most common causes. Blocks can be in your chakras or in your aura/energy field. Try these exercises to help clear the blockages and maintain a clean energetic body.

  1. Run an inherently cleansing object around your body. An egg is great for this. You can rub the egg over literally every part of your body, then place it on railroad tracks or at a crossroads. Turn and walk away from it without looking back. The egg has absorbed all the negativity from your etheric body, and the train or cars will smash it to bits and carry away the negative energy.  Don't want to use an egg? You can use a piece of selenite or citrine like a psychic soap. Just rub it all over your body (or just above your body, if you like). No need to smash up the selenite or citrine. These stones are natural converters and will transform the negative energy into positive energy. You don't need to recharge or cleanse them. They can do it themselves.
  2. Perform a link cutting. I really recommend having a friend help you with this the first time you do it. We all get links in our energy systems that are tied to events and people. Some of these energetic connections drain away our energy and feed us negativity. You'll need a bowl of salt water, a knife that is only used for energy work, and a broom. Undress. Use the knife's blade to "shave" your energy field. Do this over the entire surface of your body, including your genitals, your face, the soles of your feet, and the palms of your hands. Physically, you don't need to apply any pressure. You're cutting energetic links, not truly shaving your skin. Don't hurt yourself. Clean the blade periodically with the salt water. Some links go deep or get thick like the roots of a tree. Focus on the places where you feel resistance. Pull them out like weeds, if you need to. This can be a very long and involved exercise, the first time you do it. And it can be surprising where you feel trouble. Trust the process and know that the links you really need, the ones that are healthy and supporting you, will come back if they are needed. At the end of your link cutting, sweep all the psychic sludge and disconnected links out the door. Light a candle or burn incense to bring healing and light and strength back to your space and your body. Learn more about link cutting here.
  3.  Visualize the fountain of your spirit. Imagine your body in your mind's eye. Each chakra is a colorful wheel of energy through which the light of your spirit flows. The chakras spin, each in their own rhythm and at their own speed. The root chakra is red and fiery. The belly chakra is orange. The solar plexus chakra is vibrant, sunny yellow. The heart chakra is verdant green. The throat chakra is blue. The third eye chakra is violet. The crown chakra is clear, white light. Picture your energy like a fountain of light, bubbling out of your crown chakra, flowing easily down and around your body, moving back up through the the spinning colors of your chakras.
  4. Play energy ball. Rub your hands together fast, then pull them about one to two inches apart. Feel that tingling? Feel the cushy pad of energetic resistance between your palms? This is your energy field. You can sculpt that field into ball of energy between your hands. You can change its colors, temperature, texture, and density. If you can do this exercise with a friend, you can pass the ball back and forth, each taking turns changing in some way. Do it enough, and you can discern what's been done to it without telling each other. This is great practice!
  5. Manipulate your energy fields. As you get proficient at playing energy ball, you can can visualize, feel, and generally become aware of the same energy field surrounding your whole body. Using your visualization and intention, change the thickness of this field. Make it large and fluffy. Then make it compact and dense. Add a shell around it. Try it with an opaque shell, then with a clear one. Picture stone walls around you. Now picture a cocoon. As you get more advanced at this, you will be able to regulate the types of walls or shields you have in place. Many people are living behind stone walls of their own creation, never letting anything in for fear that they will be hurt. Work at this exercise, experimenting with different shields until you find the one that is right for you for daily use, for spirit work, for intimacy. Those are probably three different settings.
These exercises are helpful on a number of levels. One is that you are practicing visualization which is critical to spirit work. The other is that they help you become more sensitive to the delicate balance of your energy fields. When those chakras aren't spinning or seem sluggish or dim, you will be giving yourself valuable feedback.

In the beginning, you might not feel or see anything besides what you tell yourself to see and feel. That is a great place to start. Stick with it. Do the "psychic soap" and "spirit fountain" exercises at least once a week. You don't need to do a link cutting any more than once per year.

Trusting and Opening Up

Not trusting your own intuition is one of the biggest stumbling blocks that most of my clients face. So many of you pay me and other psychics and conjurers huge amounts of money to tell you things you already know. (Ha! You didn't think I knew that, did you?)

Yes, I make my living from psychic and magickal services. But you want to know a secret? I would much rather teach you to do these things for yourself. I don't mind helping folks who need my help. Not everyone is interested in being a psychic or a mage. But I very often recognize that talent within my clients, and I always try to steer them away from being dependent on me.

YOU are very capable. We ALL have inherent psychic, magickal, and spiritual abilities. I firmly believe that we are born with it. We aren't human beings have a spiritual experience. Just the opposite. We are SPIRITUAL BEINGS having a human experience!

You are drawn to spirit keeping because you feel the draw of the spiritual world. You know there is more to the world than what you can see, taste, touch, hear, and smell. You are already reacting to the call of spirits. You already sense them in some way. Own that. Trust that. You are reading this blog because you sensed something and want to explore it further.

In my experience there are two things you can do very easily to help you trust your own psychic ability and spiritual perception:

  1. Say, "I hear you." Or I see you, smell you, whatever. When you are having an experience, however subtle, acknowledge it. Say it right out loud. Acknowledging your experience in an audible way does at least two things. One, it strengthens the bond between you and the spirit. You've now given energy back to the spirit who twinkled at you, which helps strengthen them and your connection to them. And two, your subconscious mind hears what you've said out loud and gives your conscious mind permission to have a similar experience in the future. I'll tell you in all honesty that this was my first conscious step into the world of spirit communication. 
  2. Keep a journal. Write a little every day about your experiences. Not having experiences? Write about your HOPE for experiences. Writing is a wonderful tool to occupy your consciousness and let messages filter through your subconscious. Things will "come" to you while you write. Make a goal of writing about 3 pages a day in your journal. 
I would also like to recommend a book that has 9 wonderful exercises in it. It's called E-Squared, and it is an awesome entry into true connection with the Universe.  I can't recommend it enough -- especially for folks who struggle with doubt. Following the exercises in this book will sweep away all your self-doubt.

False Expectations

 This is a potentially large underlying problem that is hard to nail down. I think writing in your journal as a way to deeply dialogue with yourself will be the most effective means of rooting out any false expectations you may have.

Some people come to spirit work thinking they are going to experience physical manifestations that are similar to what we see in movies. Maybe you believe that you aren't really "seeing" the spirit because the pictures show up in your mind's eye and not in front of you. Most spirit workers don't see corporeal (physical-body) manifestations of spirit. We just see really clearly in our minds -- and we've learned to trust what we see.

Some of us don't "see" at all. Maybe you're so worried about having a visual experience or impression that you are closed off to the possibility of hearing your spirit -- or getting messages via taste or smell. Some of us (and some of our spirits)  just KNOW things all of a sudden, without any other sensory experience.

Allow yourself the room to experience spirits in multiple ways. And give yourself permission to start small. You'll get there. Just remember that this is like any other skill set. It takes practice and patience.

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